Terms & Conditions

This agreement shall be governed, and the terms and conditions construed according to the laws of Zimbabwe. The parties to this agreement do hereby agree to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates court though AAZ reserves the right to approach the High Court where necessary.

1. AAZ individual package, membership is tied to a person not to a vehicle, whereas under business package membership is tied to a vehicle not to an individual.

2. Commencement of services to members is upon registration, there is no waiting period.

3. Please ensure AAZ identification sticker is visibly attached to your windscreen at all times.

4. Our radius for individual membership is 60km, if the breakdown exceeds 60km, fee will be charged for extra kilometres.

6. Whilst every effort will be made to safeguard goods left in towed vehicle, AAZ shall not be held responsible for goods left in a vehicle being towed.

7. AAZ strives to arrive within minimum possible time.

8. There shall be a maximum number of 3 assists on Ordinary membership and 5 assists on AA Plus membership per year respectively excluding accidents.

9. No passengers shall be allowed in vehicle being towed.

10. Multiple destinations for the same call out will not be permitted.

11. For onward destination assistance only one destination will be permissible per call out.

12. Only two passengers can be assisted together with the driver per each assist.

13. Priority will be given to vulnerable persons or persons deemed to be in vulnerable situations.

14. AAZ, its agents and/or its employees shall be indemnified for the negligent, whether gross negligence or otherwise wrongful acts and/or omissions of any other persons or legal entity who provide direct or indirect services to a client in terms if this agreement.

15. In the event of fuel being delivered to a member on Ordinary membership, the cost will be for the member’s account. However, those on the AA Plus package will be entitled to free 5 litres fuel which is claimable twice a year.

16. In the event of a tyre being delivered to a member, the cost of the battery or repairs will be on the member’s account.

17. In the event of a battery being delivered to a member, the cost of the battery will be on the member’s account.

18. Under business membership, AAZ will assume that any person driving a vehicle has permission to do so and assistance will be rendered once requested.

19. The Member has the right to cancel their Membership any day of commencement of the Membership. There shall be no refunds for any cancellations whatsoever.

20. Members should contact AAZ within a reasonable time after breakdown to request assistance.

21. If you are not by your vehicle at the time of the breakdown and you are unable to be present at the time assistance arrives AAZ reserves the right to refuse assistance.

22. AAZ reserves the right to refuse assistance to vehicles involved in any “Motor Sport Event”, including, without limitation, racing, rallying, trials or time-trials or auto test.

23. AAZ reserves the right to refuse assistance to a member who requires transportation or of any animal/s.

24. AAZ shall have the right to amend any of these terms without prior notice to its members.

25. The unenforceability of part of these terms shall not render the whole agreement null and void.

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