International Driving Permit (IDP)

An IDP is highly recommended, when travelling in other countries. It not only provides important information from your local driving licence in various different languages but, also serves as verification of your local driver’s  licence.

According to the United Nations Convention – Road Traffic Act of 1968, the IDP must be used in conjunction with your Zimbabwean driving licence and when requested by a law enforcement officer, both the local and the IDP should be presented. The IDP is valid for THREE years’ and is useful when hiring a vehicle or should you be involved in an accident, some foreign countries may dispute your local driving licence.

The IDP may be purchased from the AAZ Branch Offices.

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The Automobile Association of Zimbabwe was founded in 1923 to assist motorists and to further the cause of motoring in the country. With over eighty years' experience in this country, the AA of Zimbabwe is specially qualified to cater for the needs of its motorists and some 15 000 members find that it pays to belong. Membership carries with it a number of major benefits, the use of any one of which could recover the cost of the annual subscription - often many times over.