Emergency Road Rescue service

This service comprises road rescue officer’s in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare providing a FREE repair (excluding spares) or a FREE get – you – home service. Yet another valuable saving, which could recoup the entire annual subscription, many times over.



The AAZ has exclusive Service Provider contracts with specially selected and reputable breakdown firms throughout the country to give priority 24 hour service to AAZ members. Members pay the contractor in full and claim a refund from the AAZ at prescribed rates.



By telephoning the AAZ 24 Hour Helpline  + 263 04 776760, members will receive 24 Hours Emergency Roadside assistance country-wide, managed from start to finish by the Helpline Operator. The Operator will dispatch either a Road Rescue Officer (Harare 24hrs) or a Service Provider.



Members who inadvertently lock their vehicle with keys inside may obtain the service of a Locksmith to open the vehicle and, within certain limits, claim a refund from the AAZ for the Locksmith’s charges.


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Contact AA Zimbabwe here:

Phone: (O4) 788173/4/5/6

E-mail: aazhohre@zol.co.zw



Automobile Association of Zimbabwe

Fanum House
2 Kenilworth Road
P.O.Box 585

Phone: (O4) 788173/4/5/6
E-mail: Aazhohre@zol.co.zw


The Automobile Association of Zimbabwe was founded in 1923 to assist motorists and to further the cause of motoring in the country. With over eighty years' experience in this country, the AA of Zimbabwe is specially qualified to cater for the needs of its motorists and some 15 000 members find that it pays to belong. Membership carries with it a number of major benefits, the use of any one of which could recover the cost of the annual subscription - often many times over.